The studio.

1. Pre-production/writing.

I will work with you composing/arranging your songs. Together with you I will investigate your wishes and idea's. To see how those idea's can be made into a product you can be proud of and want to share with the rest of the world. Your vision, your image as you will, is the goal I aspire to achieve together with you.

It's also possible to have music composed especially for you i.e. for commercials, branding etc. My friend Ivo van Dijk (graduated as composer at the HKU 2014) can help you with composing music from scratch. Go to Ivo's page HERE.

2. Recording.

If you need to record your music I offer different ways to make this happen. Contact me for the possibillities. Reamping guitars and bass also is one of the possibillities.

3. Mixing.

You need your music to be mixed? On a digital system? On a hybrid system? You want to sum your music through analog gear? There's several options possible. What matters most to me isn't the way we get there. The most important is how to get the maximum impact out of yours songs. So you feel you deliver you message loud and clear!

4. Mastering.

Mastering is a special trade. We deliver mastering of your music, aimed at the kind of impact you want your songs to have.