Studio rates are € 40/hour (320/day), excluding VAT, which is 21%. This is whether pre-production, recording, editing, mixing or mastering are involved.

If you only want re-amping and/or mixing done, here's a list (and a link to a video) of things you can do to make sure I spend less time on preparations (which you will do yourself, thus saving money) and allmost all my time on the actual mixing. If you follow these guidelines I can start mixing immediately from the start of the proces.

Mixing time needed

The amount of time I need to mix a song depends on the length and the complexity of the song. Average mixing time per song is about 8 hours, unless there's a lot of extra work (the aforementioned editing/setting up the mix structure). When there's a lot of extra work this will add up increasing the mixing time per song.

Take an average of 8 hours per song and you're good to go.


If you want me to re-amp you tracks there's also preparations you can do to cut work for me, thus saving money yourself. See the tutorial here and also watch the video.